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When it comes to residential real estate growth, Melbourne remains one of the most attractive markets in the world, and with good reason. Already Australia’s fastest-growing city in terms of population. Melbourne is predicted to double in population by 2056 being home to as many as 9.1 million which guarantees unprecedented and ongoing demand for real estate for the next five decades and beyond. No wonder Melbourne has ranked as the most liveable city in the world for the seventh consecutive year.

Melbourne needs more choice in housing types than it currently has. A type of housing that has the added benefit of generally being more affordable and also requires less land area. The solution is the medium-density type of housing, namely townhouses and townhomes. Having the potential to accommodate an increasing population in an economical and financially beneficial way, efficiency in development terms and desirable in terms of creating the kind of city we will enjoy living in and engaging with, those are the characteristics of medium density housing. It creates a city with “buzz” of intensity and an easier living lifestyle that we can all enjoy.

Affordability is a major advantage medium density housing offers with a greater diversity of more affordable housing options in areas that are made increasingly desirable by virtue of their density. The fact is that, by and large, people want to live in the more densely populated areas of the city. These are parts of the city that have, for example, access to schools, public transport, cafes, restaurants, and shops all within striking distance of streets lined with quality built townhouses and side by side houses.

CR8 Property Group are the leaders in "off-market" properties for owner occupiers & investors. With an impeccable track record CR8 (Create) Property Group has delivered over $100million in luxury boutique development projects in the last 12 months ranging from side by side townhomes in Balwyn to ten townhouses in Heidelberg. With another $100 millon of upcoming development projects in the pipeline we have achieved a niche in the marketplace like no other. Our clients have all enjoyed strong capital growth by identifying key development opportunities in high growth corridors. All our developments are built to an exact standard, meticulous attention to detail by our builders with over 25 years’ experience.





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